Ana PatrĂ­cia Gomes
Marketer in Madrid

An internship was the door opener for my Spanish experience which started from an week to another.
I decided to take that position for many reasons, but mainly because I was going to work on Marketing which is something I love. Besides it was a great opportunity to join a multinational company, leader in its market and owner of an impressive heritage.
There I was able to learn from the best and improve my techniques and methodology.
It was also a great chance to learn a new language and join a new culture that, despite what you may think, is very unique, even though Spain is just next door.

The Disney dream

It all started in a totally unexpected interview in Lisbon, during which the Disney College Program was presented to many recent graduates. A couple of weeks after that, I have received the big news over email and soon it became real.
Departing alone to the great USA was an adventure, but soon I've figured out that a great team was expecting to welcome us all. The inside tour was unreal and I still couldn't believe how fortunate I was for being there and being able to play my part in that amazing world.
The daily work has made me learn a lot about Disney's essence and how their business is developed. It is such a great school.
Having the opportunity to share experiences with people from all over the world and become their closest friend was something that had never crossed my mind before.
All those connections were very important for me, all the meaningful conversations and sharing have made me realise how small my own reality is.
This experience was a major jump for me on both my professional and personal life and will always belong next to my sweetest memories.